Kuukausiarkisto marraskuu, 2015

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Kirjoitettu 20.11.2015 - Minna. Kategoriassa abua, koulu, mitä ihmettä.

”Hmm. One short film done, other one to do.”
(I mean: It’s filmed, but not edited :D)

It’s finally a wrap for the movie I directed! Last week we were supposed to film another short, where I am the producer.

Morning of the 2nd filming day, ~6:40am
”Whoa, Elisa has called.”
(Elisa is the director.)

”Hi! Did I wake you up?”
”We’ve some problems.”
”Tell me.”

”We can’t film today because of the rain.”
”Is that so.”
”Yeah. So what now?”
”We postpone the filming!”
I’ve been taking care of many things during the past few weeks.
As an absent-minded person I was worried if I could manage.

But all has been going well! We’ve been super lucky with many things.

And I have learned a lot!
Being orgnised, at least, and that I actually can take care of many things at the same time.
Now we have to make a documentary about music students.

Art is no fun. Art is agony.