Kuukausiarkisto lokakuu, 2015

* Mutta ainakin olen nyt seesteinen!

Kirjoitettu 31.10.2015 - Minna. Kategoriassa hauskaa, koulu, nystyrät.


I managed to change our shoot date to a better time, and WE HAVE A LOCATION.
But the hard work is only about to begin.

We’ve done multicam shootings of a couple of bands performing during the week.
It was, without a doubt, one of the COOLEST THINGS I’VE EVER DONE.


Kisse and I went to see The Martian.

”Let’s go for a pint.”


The next three weeks are going to be damn busy…

Oh well, I can rest when it’s Christmas!
See you in three weeks.


* Onneksi Miska on täällä

Kirjoitettu 20.10.2015 - Minna. Kategoriassa abua, ei pysty, nystyrät.

I’ve been suffering from this weird stomach flu for two weeks now.
Otherwise I feel fine.

I had to be away from school for a week.
”Feels so bad that I can’t help them…”
Mira: ”I will tie you to your bed if you try to leave.”
Kisse: ”No-one’s missing ya! :D”

Miska came over on Friday.
We have been reading a lot. Crazy!
”It’s Saturday afternoon and it’s dead quiet here?!”
Walkabout on Saturday.

Situation with the film:
”We don’t have a location.”
”Shooting’s supposed to start this weekend.”


* Sairasta menoa

Kirjoitettu 11.10.2015 - Minna. Kategoriassa abua, koulu, nystyrät.

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Sorry about the lack of english translations. I’m simply too tired.